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I love my sister.

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I got a text message from my sister at 1 AM, ordering me online. We both got really bored after that, and this is the result of MY boredom. Her solution was to play MySpace bowling all night X3


Happy Thanksgiving!


I know its a couple of days before the American Thanksgiving, but if you want one, just click 'reply' and tell me what name you'd like on it.
One per person, please. :)

Filled Requests

My baby sister requested some icons over at iconrequests, and no one helped her, so I stepped in. I haven't done icons - real, pretty, interesting icons - in about three years (see my past posts, and by that I mean the lack thereof, lol!) but she's my baby sister and I love her so here they are. The first one is pretty uninspired, but the second two are promising, I think! :)

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If anyone couldn't tell, I'm into scrapbooking now :) 

Winter Wishes

It's been forever! Want 1 of these? Hit comment with your name :)



For the sole person who wanted the tag, I need you to comment here. 'Cause like an idiot, when I was purging emails, I forgot to save it. *blush* Serves me right.

For anyone else who wanted one but didn't want to give me their email address, comment here. I'll upload them to my soon-to-be-created folki site :)


As some of you have pointed out, my archives are kaput. I don't know when this happened, and frankly I don't feel like quizzing my old webhost as to why he deleted my account. I am working to fix this, but as I don't have a backup of my icons (which won't ever happen again, this makes Haloe a very sad girl to lose all her old stuff), old icons won't be featured on the page. Thankfully, my friend and cohort in arms zabe has given me plenty of space for a subdomain.

If you have any of my old icons saved on your computer, please email them to me at irishblessing@livejournal.com. I will love you forever. I promise :D
Lovely people, hello :)

I bring you new icons that have been languishing GJ servers since before Christmas. I hate formatting entries for icons :|
There's going to be a few changes here soon - nothing drastic, but hopefully it'll keep all the icons streamlined and we'll all be happy happy :D

credits for brushes can be found on my info page. Oh, they're glorious things.


Eclectic icons inside. A fair amount of pretty men.Collapse )

Love, Nancy

(sorry if the font's huge. It's Bickley Script. Let me know if you want it.)
It seems like every icon maker and their mother has to make Christmas (Yule, whatever you celebrate) icons from Getty Images. Not that I blame us, because, well, TEH PRETTEH!

(I've always sucked at netspeak. Sue me.)


Merry Christmas!Collapse )

Random icons!

Yay, icons! The backgrounds that you see were made by disappearicons - they're just amazing, and could be used without any type of manip at all!! Please see the front page for credits - and speaking of credits...


One's vaguely adult.Collapse )